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Hello!! Welcome to my page! I am Ravin Milton (formerly Ellis). I am a servant leader, a mother of 4 ( including two angels), a pharmacist of 20 years, a graduate of THEE Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy, a University of Illinois at Chicago Masters of Health Informatics graduate, a speaker, and an author. I have a passion for helping others achieve their goals in life, health, and wealth. As a healthcare professional, I serve my community by administering immunizations and performing Medication Therapy Management consultations.  This includes reviewing medications for patients to ensure they are getting the appropriate therapy. 

I am also a speaker. God has graced me with the ability to merge my medical training with spiritual insight. Since 2021, I have spoken about several disease states via a segment called Health Talk. My church, Truth Church, graciously created this platform to serve. It's my honor to serve God's people in the marketplace. 


I have a heart for special needs children and their families. I experienced the challenges associated with raising a special needs child, and it is my goal to help those families through the foundation I created in my late son's name (The Kyron D. Coleman Memorial Foundation). 

The line of apparel and accessories that are on this website were inspired by God. Our Father is the Great Physician. He knows everything that we need. That includes the prescriptions that we need to walk through life and still stay connected to Him. These shirts, mugs, and more are simply an expression of trusting God to provide every need as we follow the instructions on the prescriptions. Your faith in Him coupled with the steps you take lead to the breakthrough you've needed and wanted. 


The books that I write are words given to me by God to guide and encourage His people according to His will. It is my sincere hope that my words....His words.... impact the lives of those who need it most. I pray that you enjoy these books as well as those that will come in the future. Browse the site, and come back periodically for updates. Don't forget to sign up for my newsletter. :)


Dr. Ravin Milton, PharmD


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"As a pharmacist I can completely relate!! Great tips for everyone graduating as a pharmacist or any other graduate program!

Dr. Keva Cole


"The advice is basic but someone needed to say it and I definitely needed to hear it! Hoping to make smarter decisions having read this."

Dr. Larique Wallace

"I purchased this book online and started reading it. Typically I am not a reader but I could not stop reading it. It hit home to so many do's and don'ts that related to my business. Ravin thanks for sharing this with us. A lot of young graduates will benefit greatly from this. Well done and hats off to you for all of your inspiring comments, suggestions and ideas.

Elise Kirkland 

Dr. Ravin Milton, PharmD is the founder and CEO of the Kyron D. Coleman Memorial Foundation. This foundation seeks to grant scholarships to high school seniors who aid in the care of their special needs siblings. For more information about the foundation, to apply for the scholarship, or to donate, please click learn more. 

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